Dinosaur elimination

Just when you thought it safe to return to Jurassic Park, too late you discover that dinosaurs live on.

Dinosaurs live on as quality and regulatory systems built for another age. They are found in large and small organisations. They are large, cumbersome, and unmanageable, and unintelligible to all but a select few. They are characterised by hundreds of procedures and controlled documents, numerous meetings to enact a single change and numerous forms to fix a simple problem.

The Priory Analysts Dinosaur Elimination Programme:
1) examines:
•    the business operation
•    the product range
•    the precise regulatory requirements
2) proposes:
•    a structure which reflects business needs
•    a system which can integrate across all areas of business
3) builds:
•    the elements of the new system integrating it with the best from the old
•    proposes key procedures which reflect the way the business operates

Embark on a Dinosaur Elimination programme now! We are in the 21st century!

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